Securly Auditor

What it is

Securly Auditor is a tool that helps schools find email that contain cyberbullying or self-harm content.  Districts decide if they want to use this service or not.

How it works

Email that is sent to and from students is also sent to the Auditor service.  Artificial intelligence is then used to try to determine the intent of an email.  For example, it will try to distinguish between “this is an ugly sweater” and “you are ugly”.  Regarding self harm Securely will trigger on phrases such as: “I will never see you again” or “I can't live without you anymore”. The phrases are not always obvious and direct statements of self harm intent. Many alert triggers are based on word phrases which could be precursors to self harm. In the event of a potentially disturbing message (be it self harm or bullying) an alert is sent to administration in real-time.  This allows administration to be proactive in interpreting and possibly responding to these events. This is also an early warning system.

Who receive the email alerts

The alert emails are delivered to a Google Group in the school district’s Google Domain.  The school administration in under complete control of this group. School district administrators determine who are members of this group. After setting up Securly in a district and confirming its proper function REMC1 immediately removes all REMC1 emails from the district Securly setup.

Feel confident in your privacy

Seculy is a passive service which means that the service does not have direct access to a user’s inbox.  Teacher and staff emails are not monitored. No outside extensions have been added to gmail. Emails are “split delivered” for students. This means that a student email will be delivered to Securly Auditor as well as being sent on to its intended recipient. Nobody (Securly nor REMC1) logs in and checks anybody’s email. This is not possible for anyone to do in secrecy. For another human to check a gmail account that user’s gmail password must be changed. Finally gmail logs all gmail logins including where that person logged in from. You as a gmail user have complete control over your account at all times.

REMC1 Responsibility

As far as REMC1 is concerned this service is between you and Securly.  At your request we will enable/disable the service or adjust the members of the group that get the alerts from Securly.  At no point will REMC1 staff be involved with the content sent to you from Securly.

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